What can I set in a blueprint?

Steps in a blueprint are actions which describe what needs to be done, how, when and by who, using the following step settings.

First open the step by clicking on it.

This step has been opened:

Then click on each of the settings to set them:

  • Step > Description: A user can add a rich description or instructions of the particular step (links, videos, variables can all be added)
  • Step > Forms: Forms enable you to collect information from the user completing the task.
  • Step > Assign: The ability to assign specific users or reminder to assign a guest to complete the task.
  • Step > Deadlines: The ability to set relative due dates for steps.
  • Step > Rules: The ability to hide and show tasks based on triggers such as the completion of a task and data collected in a form field.
  • Step > Advanced: The ability to set more refined settings for the task such as; "Task is mandatory at start of process", "This task can only be completed by assigned user(s)", and "Send a webhook" to another system.

All these actions are present when creating or editing a blueprint:

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