What can I set in a blueprint?

 You can set up a blueprint by completing each of its different parts.

  1. Blueprint Name: Set a name for your blueprint depending on your use case
  2. Blueprint Description: Describe your blueprint to add an explanation about what that blueprint is about
  3. Kick-off Form: You can choose to set up a kick-off form which appears at the launch of a process
  4. Blueprint Steps: Steps in a blueprint are actions which describe what needs to be done, how, when and by who, using the following step settings.
  5. More Details: You can add more details to you blueprint such as a tag, process instructions, etc.

Note - blueprints have types such as snippet, procedure or form. This article focuses on the procedure type - because all blueprint features are visible and available in a procedure.

This video is an overview on how to setup a procedure and it also covers what you can set in a blueprint when you're creating your procedure.

To see more about what you can set in a blueprint, see the screenshots and the rest of the article below.

To add and set up steps, first open the step by clicking on it.

This step has been opened:

Then click on each of the settings to set them:

  1. Step > Description: A user can add a rich description or instructions of the particular step (links, videos, variables can all be added)
  2. Step > Forms: Forms enable you to collect information from the user completing the task.
  3. Step > Assign: The ability to assign specific users or reminder to assign a guest to complete the task.
  4. Step > Deadlines: The ability to set relative due dates for steps. By default the deadlines on each task is set to 5 days from the start of the process.
  5. Step > Rules: The ability to hide and show tasks based on triggers such as the completion of a task and data collected in a form field.
  6. Step > Advanced: The ability to set more refined settings for the task such as; "Task is mandatory at start of process", "This task can only be completed by assigned user(s)", and "Send a webhook" to another system.

All these actions are present when creating or editing a blueprint:

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