What types of form fields can I create?

Kick-off and blueprint step forms enable you to collect information from the user completing the task.

  1. To use forms, add a kick-off form or add a form to a step:

2. Select a form field type from the options:

  • Small Text Field - Great for capturing small amounts for text (200 character limit)
  • Large Text Area - Perfect for for capturing sentences or paragraphs  (4000 character limit)
  • Dropdown List - Allows selection of one option from a dropdown list
  • Checklist - Allows check-marking of multiple options
  • Radio Buttons - Allows selection of one option from an exposed list
  • Date (Calendar) - Capture a day, month and year (accepts date between 1900 and 9999)
  • File upload - Allows attachment of almost any file (10Mb limit) 

Form field titles have a maximum limit of 250 characters.

3. This is what each form field type looks like when the process starts: 

Small Text Area
Text Fields are used to capture a single line of text. The character limit is 200.

Large Text Area
Text Areas are used to capture a large amount of text. The character limit is 4,000.

Dropdown List
Dropdown Lists allows you to insert a drop down of options. You can add options under the Options area.

Checklist allow you to insert a number of options from which someone can checkmark one or multiple options. Please add your options under the Options area.

Radio Buttons
Radio Buttons are used to insert a number of options where someone can select a single option. You can specify the options under the Options area.

Date (Calendar)
Date (Calendar) is used to capture a date (day, month and year can be selected). Date (Calendar). Accepts date between 1900 and 9999.

File upload

File upload is used to insert the option to upload multiple files up to 10Mb limit.
Accepted file types: xlsx, xls, pptx, docx, ppt, doc, rtf, pdf, txt, mpga, wav, mov, qt, mp4, jpg, gif, png, ai, psd, hdpkg, zip, anx, xml, xps, jpeg

Additional form settings include:

Name of field
A label that explains the requirement of the form field.

Guidance text can be additional description, instructions or examples to help someone complete the field. It appears next to the name of the field in the task

Field alias
A field alias is only required if you are using webhooks, so that you can uniquely refer to this field for an integration, i.e. passing data automatically from another system to this field.
A field alias is auto-generated, editing the field alias is not recommended.

Options enables you to add one or more options for this field for someone to select from.

Required indicates whether the completion of the field is 'optional' or 'required'.
'No' means it will be optional and it can be left incomplete.
'Yes' means it is required and it will need to be completed in order to proceed.

You can easily see if a user does not complete a form field in a completed task:

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