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Form fields gather information within processes, forms, and tasks. 

There are two types: Kick-off Form Fields and Step or Task Form Fields. Kick off form fields appear before a process can be launched. All other form fields appear within steps or tasks. All plans can create form fields, but they're read-only on the Docs plan.

To learn more about Kick-off Forms - read this!


Organize and collect information effectively using specific field types.

Short Text

Text Field used to capture a single line of text. 200 character limit.

Long Text

Insert a large amount of text here with a 6,000 character limit.

Dropdown List

Choose one option from a drop-down list. 


When you need to select one or multiple options from a list.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used to insert a number of options - where someone can select a single option from the list. Similar to dropdowns - but the whole list is visible and this is best suited to a short list of choices.

Date and Time

Date (calendar) is used to capture a date (day, month and year can be selected) and time (hh:mm am/pm). You can choose any year between 1900 and 9999. You can set an option not to collect the time as well. The date format of either mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy is set via the preferences set in your profile.

File Upload

Upload  multiple files up to a 10Mb limit per file. Accepted file types are xlsx, xls, pptx, docx, ppt, doc, rtf, pdf, txt, mpga, wav, mov, qt, mp4, jpg, gif, png, ai, psd, hdpkg, zip, anx, xml, xps, jpeg

Additional Settings


A label that explains the requirement of the form field.


Guidance text can be an additional description, instructions, or examples to help someone complete the field. It appears next to the name of the field in the task.

Field alias

A field alias is only required if you are using webhooks, so that you can refer to this field for an integration, i.e. passing data automatically from another system to this field.
A field alias is auto-generated, so editing the field alias is not recommended.


Give the assignee options to select from under a certain field.


Required indicates whether the completion of the field is 'optional' or 'required'. 'No' means it will be optional and it can be left incomplete. 'Yes' means it is required and it will need to be completed in order to proceed.

You can see if a user does not complete a form field in a completed task like this:

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