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Getting Started

The Basics

A quick start guide

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Use Cases

See what Tallyfy can be used for

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FAQs & How-To's

Blueprints & Steps

A blueprint is a master template of any process with all the steps of the process

43 articles

Processes & Tasks

A 'process' is an instance (or a copy) of a 'template' with assigned tasks

61 articles


A coworker is a user within a Tallyfy organization

11 articles


Guests are FREE users outside of your Tallyfy organization who can complete tasks

9 articles


Build any type of form and collect data as you complete tasks

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Set deadlines on tasks so people know when they are due

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Trigger tasks when conditions are met

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Notifications & Emails

Notifications, email preferences & more

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Account Settings

Access, profile, preferences and more

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API & Integrations

Zapier, webhooks and more

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Plan, upgrades and payments

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Testing & Training

Tricks on how to test your processes and train others on Tallyfy

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Terms & Legals

Privacy, security and more

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Feedback, Contact, Plans and Enterprise

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