Help and Support

Getting Started

The Basics

A quick start guide

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Use Cases

See what Tallyfy can be used for

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Tallyfy Features

Blueprints & Steps

A blueprint is a master template of any process with all the steps of the process

44 articles

Processes & Tasks

A 'process' is an instance (or a copy) of a 'template' with assigned tasks

61 articles

Members (Roles & Permissions)

A member is a user within a Tallyfy organization

14 articles


Guests are FREE users outside of your Tallyfy organization who can complete tasks

14 articles


Build any type of form and collect data as you complete tasks

12 articles


Set deadlines on tasks so people know when they are due

5 articles


Trigger tasks when conditions are met

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Notifications & Emails

Notifications, email preferences & more

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Account Settings

Access, profile, preferences and more

30 articles


Plan, upgrades and payments

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Testing & Training

Tricks on how to test your processes and train others on Tallyfy

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Terms & Legals

Privacy, security and more

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Feedback, Contact, Plans and Enterprise

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Using Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Tallyfy webhooks and more.

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1 article


Using our API, webhooks and more.

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