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The Kick-off Form

Does the word  Kick-off remind you of a football game? Well, our Kick-off forms have the same concept. They're the start of the game. The necessary kick to get things moving!

Some processes can start automatically, but others require specific information. That's what the Kick-off form is for. Create a form that has to be filled out before a process can start. Or link a web-form: when it's completed, the process will begin. Learn how here.

A kick-off form is useful when a client or employee's name, email, or ID is required at the start of the process. In order to kick-off the process, the user must first submit this information. 

Creating & Editing Kick-off Forms

Open your desired blueprint and select Kick-off Form.
Create form fields!
  • Small Text Field - Great for capturing small amounts of text (200 character limit)
  • Large Text Area - Perfect for capturing sentences or paragraphs (4000 character limit)
  • Dropdown List - Selection of one option from a dropdown list
  • Checklist - Check-marking of multiple options
  • Radio Buttons - Selection of one option from an exposed list
  • Date (Calendar) - Capture a day, month and year (accepts dates between 1900 and 9999)
Click Launch Process and your Kick-off form will appear. Filling in the required form fields allows you to launch the process by clicking on Launch Now.

Need a visual walk-through of the Kick-off Form? Watch this clip:

Remember when we mentioned that you can use public web-forms or systems like CRM to automatically complete kick-off forms?

Learn how to do that in this this article!

Please note that the DOCS plan can create forms, but cannot launch them.
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