What is a kick-off form?

Kickoff forms show up before you launch a process - and before tasks. You can also use web forms to fill your kickoff forms and automatically launch a process - Learn more

An example is when a client or employee's name, email or ID is required at the start of the process, in order to proceed with the process related to the client/employee.

How to create or edit a kick-off form

Click on Kick off Form and edit and create the form field types you need.

You can create these field types:

  • Small Text Field - Great for capturing small amounts for text (200 character limit)
  • Large Text Area - Perfect for for capturing sentences or paragraphs  (4000 character limit)
  • Dropdown List - Allows selection of one option from a dropdown list
  • Checklist - Allows check-marking of multiple options
  • Radio Buttons - Allows selection of one option from an exposed list
  • Date (Calendar) - Capture a day, month and year (accepts dates between 1900 and 9999)

Kick off forms will show up when you click 'Launch Process'. Once you have filled in the 'required' form fields, you will then be able to launch the process by clicking on 'Launch Now' 

You can auto-complete a kick-off form or forms in a task after a public web-form is completed or from another system like a CRM. Please see:

How can I launch a process and populate fields in a Tallyfy process from a webform?

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