What is a 'kick-off' form?

Kick-off forms are used for fields that are required before a process can start.

An example is when a client or employee's name, email and ID is required at the start of the process, in order to proceed with the process related to the client/employee.

a. How to create a kick-off form

In a blueprint, click on 'More details':

Under 'Kick-off form fields', add a form field:

Create all the fields you need to start a process:

Here we have added the first name and last name of the employee:

b. How to complete a kick-off form

Save the blueprint and start a process. You will see the fields ready for you to complete at the start of the process.

c. Triggering rules based on kick-off form field responses

You may want to hide and show certain tasks based on the responses in a kick-off form. This is possible by simply selecting the kick-off field under Rules on the step you want to hide or show based on the answer:

d. Once you start a process, you can manually complete the KO forms or use the API or Zapier to feed in data from another app

e. Each task in the process shows the KO form data on it

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