What is a 'guest'?

Guests are FREE and very restricted users outside of your Tallyfy organization who can only see and complete specific tasks they are assigned by email. They do not have to log into Tallyfy to see their tasks.

They can carry out very limited functions. Only one guest email can be assigned to each task.

What can the guest do?

Guests can  complete tasks in a process or complete one-off tasks.

1. A guest user could be assigned to both a one-off task or process task (task in a process) using their email address. 

2. An automated email notification for the task will be sent to the guest 

3. The guest can click directly through to the guest view screen, where they can complete their task (A guest will not need to create a password to complete a task)

What can the guest not do?

A guest cannot log into your organization (therefore cannot see your blueprints, other processes and tasks, they cannot create/start any processes in your organization) 

Guests are FREE users and therefore not billed in paid plans.

Coming soon:

  • View tasks assigned to guests
  • New multi-task guest dashboard view:

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