How do I set up rules in a process?

If you want to make sure specific tasks are assigned based on other tasks being completed or based on information provided in forms in previous steps, then you can use Tallyfy's process rules.

You can set step powerful process rules that will trigger and automate tasks and decisions when a process is started.

Rules is a feature available on paid plans.

There are 2 main types of rules:

A. Trigger on task completion:

B. Trigger on form field response:

Here is an example of where you can use rules:

Often, business processes take a different path dependent on a decision on a step.

This is an example of a process documented in a simple flowchart that should take a different path if the answer is 'YES' or 'NO':  

You can use the simple step RULES in a Tallyfy template to apply this and any conditional logic in a process:

Link to youtube video:

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