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Tallyfy rules help you to automate decisions and tasks. 

There are 3 main types of rules:

  1. Trigger on task completion -  if you want to hide or show a task after another task is completed.
  2. Trigger on form field response - if you want to hide or show a task when a certain form has a specific value.
  3. Trigger on approve/reject response - if you want to hide or show a task when a certain task has been approved or rejected.

Rule precedence when you have multiple rules - we evaluate top to bottom

There's no bracket system in the rules which prioritizes one rule pair over another. 

We simply start the evaluation from the first rule onwards. 

The first one is evaluated, and the result is tested with the subsequent condition, and so on. 

Take a simple example - let's imagine you have 4 rules - A, B, C, D. 

We're not concerned with whether they are joined by AND / OR.

Tallyfy evaluates  A & B OR C & D as -> ((A & B) OR C) & D.

Rule order - it does not matter

If you have say, 9 rules on a step - it does not matter what order they go in (which rule is first or last). The result will be the same.

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