What is a blueprint?

blueprint is the master template of any process.

A blueprint establishes the steps that need to be repeated each time a process is carried out and should have all the steps you want future processes to follow.

Steps in a blueprint are actions that describe what needs to be done, how, when and by whom, using the step settings: Details, Forms, Assign. Deadline, Rules and Advanced.

Example of a blueprint: New Employee Onboarding

The steps in the blueprint might be: 

  1. Sign contract 
  2. Add to payroll 
  3. Establish start date 
  4. Assign mentor 
  5. Schedule team lunch 
  6. Share access to all key systems 
  7. Book mandatory training

All  the steps in that blueprint turn into actionable tasks when a user starts a process.

Ex. Blueprint:

Process (an instance of the above blueprint)

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