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Tallyfy offers 3 types of rules

  1. Task completion rules
  2. Form field response rules
  3. Approve/Reject rules

This video walks you through an example of using a  form field response rule.

This article walks you through another example of using a form field response rule.

Example scenario

When you onboard a new employee, you want to ensure that they receive the right orientation based on whether they are a 'field' worker or an 'office' worker.

'Step 1: Share details about employee' (Required radio button: Will they be a field or office worker?'

'Step 2: Schedule field training'

'Step 3: Schedule office orientation' 

1. First, create your steps in the blueprint and then create the rules so that step 2 and 3 only show based on what was selected in step 1:

Step 1 has a form field where users need to pick 'Office' or 'Field':

Create a Rule in step 2 so that it only shows the step if the form field option chosen is 'Field':

Create a Rule in step 3 so that it only shows the step if the form field option chosen is 'Office':

2. Launch a process:

3. Initially, only step 1 will be assigned and show:

4. Once the required form filed is selected and step 1 is completed, it shows steps 2 or 3 based on the selection made. It also sends an email to the person assigned to step 2 or 3:

5. The assignee can click on the link in the email they receive to complete the shown task:

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