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Tallyfy offers 3 types of rules. Use them to make your processes as detailed as possible.

Task Completion Rules
Form Field Response Rules
Approve/Reject Rules

With form field response rules, you can determine which steps show up depending on the acquired information. Let's say you're onboarding a new client. You have different teams and strategies depending on the size of the client. If there are less than 20 employees, you go down one stream. If there are 20 employees or more, the process proceeds differently. 

Form field response rules let you do all that in one template. Wow!

Form Field Rule Walk-Through 

Let's go through an example together:

You're onboarding a new employee. Depending on his/her role, there is a specific orientation process. Your employee can be a field worker or an office worker. Form field rules let you put that information in and come out with the right process. 

Here is your process: 

Share Details About Employee: Are they a field or officer worker? 

Schedule Field Training


Schedule Office Orientation.

This depends on Step 1's details.

Let's Get Started:

Create a template. You'll want to make steps for each of the ones in your process. The two options will become steps 2 and 3
Create a radio button form field in Step 1 for the employee details. The options should be field worker and office worker
Click on Step 2. Go to the Rules tab. Make an If... then... rule where the step shows when the form field option is Field
Click on Step 3. Go to the Rules tab. Make an If... then... rule where the step shows when the form field option is Office        
Launch your process
Initially, only Step 1 will be assigned and show up in the process.
Once the required form field is selected, and Step 1 is completed, Step 2 or Step 3 will show up and be assigned. Only the step that is needed, field training or office orientation, will go into action. And only that step's assignee(s) will be notified.

The assignee(s) can click on the link in the email to complete the shown task.

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