How does a 'task completion' rule work?

Tallyfy offers  2 types of rules in a blueprint.

1. Task completion rules

2.  Form field response rules

This article walks you through how to use the  task completion rules:

This article walks you through an example of using a task completion rule.

Example scenario:

When you onboard a new client, you want to ensure that step 1 is done before step 2 can be done.

'Step 1: Define client project.'

'Step 2: Assign client project' (Must only show after step 1 is completed)

1. First, create your steps in the blueprint: 

2. Then create the rule in step 2, so that step 2 only shows when step 1 is completed:

2. Launch a process:

3. You will see that only step 1 will show and be assigned at first. Step 2 only shows after step 1 is completed:

4. Once step 1 is completed, it also alerts a member or guest email already assigned to step 2. They are sent an email/see an in app notification and see tasks in the task list:

Clicking on the link in the email will open the task and the assignee can then complete it.

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