TASK > What types of tasks can I create in Tallyfy?

Tasks come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. We'll go through them here!

One-off Task

One-off tasks are independent of any process or workflow. They're to-do list items or event-specific:

  • Order new print cartridges.
  • Confirm caterer choices for annual employee lunch.
  • ... and any other one-off to-do item!

Learn more about One-off Tasks here!

Default Task

Default tasks are the steps in a blueprint. They are tasks to complete in a workflow. When you launch a process, it will carry over the blueprint's default tasks.

Learn more about Default Tasks here!

Approve/Reject Task

Default and One-off Tasks can be switched to an Approval/Rejection format. When you need a supervisor's approval or a client's confirmation, use this format instead. It will eliminate email chains and any confusion in communication. 

Learn more about Approval steps here!

Expiry Task

Default and One-off Tasks can also be switched to an Expiry format. When you need to notify or inform team members about a certain update use this format instead. This task only needs an acknowledgement and expires at the set expiry date. 

Learn more about Expiry steps here!

Coming Soon!

Automated Tasks
Email Tasks
Payment Tasks
Call Tasks

If you have a specific task in mind or want to know more about upcoming features, please reach out to us at support@tallyfy.com. We look forward to chatting with you!

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