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Sometimes a step just requires getting approval from a team member. Rather than creating another task in your process, use Tallyfy to make an Approve/Reject step. When the process is launched, the assignees will be prompted to reply with an approval or rejection. Less time wasted communicating, more doing. 

Here's How

Open your Template in Edit mode and select the step you want to make an Approve/Reject task.
Click on Type and select Approve/Reject from the dropdown list.

Remember to Save your changes!
Upon launching the process, the step will prompt the assignees for approval or rejection.
Once the step has been approved or rejected, the completed task will show the corresponding status.

If the assignment has been rejected, the step will be highlighted with a red x and crossed out. The next steps can be tailored to this response using Rules on the PRO plan.

And that's it! Tallyfy makes it easy to move your business processes along, getting you faster approvals and rejections so that everyone can move forward with their responsibilities. Try it out on your next template. 

Please note that for this task type, the advanced feature of "All assignees must complete this task" is automatically disabled. 


An Admin member's access permissions will always supersede these settings. In other words, a member with an Admin role will be able to access the task, approve/reject it and also reopen it if needed.

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