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Our lives are filled with tasks. We make to-do lists of household chores, complete various assignments during the workday, and run errands whenever they are needed. In Tallyfy, tasks are actionable steps. They are the actions a user must take to help a process or workflow progress. 

There are two types of tasks: 

One-off Tasks

These are independent of any process or directive. You complete them whenever you can or by a certain deadline. It's like those to-dos you have at the back of your head. You'll do them as soon as you can and cross it out. +Create a task or select Create task from your Home screen.

Process Tasks

These tasks are steps in a process. You must complete them all to fulfill a greater objective. Some are dependent on the completion of a previous task, others can be completed simultaneously. Draft a template procedure to make process tasks.

Find both in the Tasks section: 

One-off Tasks: 
Process Tasks: 

Complete tasks by clicking on the Complete button:

Approve/Reject Tasks

Sometimes processes require a simple Yes or No. Instead of creating subtasks, create an Approve/Reject task to streamline the process. It will also highlight the response more clearly in your process. Read more here.

To learn more about the different types of tasks, read this!

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