What is a one-off task?

Beyond tasks associated with a process, you can create and assign one-off tasks that are independent of any process.

Some examples of one-off tasks you can assign to yourself or others:

  1. Order new print cartridges.
  2. Confirm caterer choices for annual employee lunch.
  3. ... and any other one-off to-do item!

Create a one-off task by:

1. Clicking the +Create on the top menu

2. Adding your task name,

3. Optionally add a description (with links, files, etc) and edit the deadlines and assign it to another member or guest email

After adding you will see the same lightbox is cleared with a confirmation message and the ability to add another task:

Assigned tasks send an email and/or show as an in-app notification for the member that is assigned. Pending tasks will appear in the member's Daily Digest emails.

You can also assign one-off tasks to guest emails. If another member or guest completes the task, you will see this in your notifications:

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