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O ne-off tasks are independent of any process. They're like the steps on a to-do list or the random task that needs to be done once (or once in a while).

  • Order new print cartridges.
  • Confirm caterer choices for annual employee lunch.
  • ... and any other one-off to-do item!

Creating a One-Off Task

Click the + Create button in your sidebar.
Add your task name. And a description with links, files, etc if you wish! You can also edit the deadline and assign it to a member or guest email.
Once created, you will see a confirmation message: 
Assigned tasks send an email and/or show as an in-app notification to the assignee, depending on their account settings. Pending tasks will appear in the member's notifications and email reminders.
If a member or guest completes the task, you will receive a notification:
And that's it! You've mastered the One-Off Task.
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