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When you work with clients, chances are you spend a lot of time getting their approval for projects, products, or services. You've probably been communicating by email or phone. Not only does that involve endless communication streams, but lots of lag time. You have to find a time when your client is available, give them the information, and then wait for approval. Worse, if it's rejected, you have to start all over again! 

With Tallyfy, you can streamline this process. Invite clients directly to approval steps in your templates. When the service is ready for the client's decision, they'll immediately be notified. And when they submit an approval or rejection, you'll immediately receive it. No more waiting and no more time wasted with countless back-and-forth.

It's easy to set up Approve/Reject steps in Tallyfy, just read here!

And it's pretty simple inviting clients too: look here!

But creating a looping process? We'll go through that here. When a client rejects a process, you need to go back to the beginning. So your process should loop back and start again. Now that's efficiency. 

It's a bit lengthy so we've included the video below to walk you through it: 

Need help creating a looping approval process? Our team is here to help! Visit our Expert Services page here, fill out the form at the bottom, and we'll set it up!
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