How do I assign tasks in a process to a guest?

The 'guest' user is designed for transient clients/customers/workers that are assigned to occasional tasks in a specific process.

Guest emails, therefore - cannot be added in a blueprint, as specific members can. If you find that the user is always assigned to the task, they would need to be invited as a member.

1. You can certainly indicate that a guest will need to be assigned to a specific step in a blueprint:

You will then see that a guest email should be assigned later in the REVIEW AND EDIT PROCESS BEFORE LAUNCHING view just before you launch the process OR after you have launched a process:

Click REVIEW AND EDIT PROCESS BEFORE LAUNCHING and use Power Assign and quickly assign each task to a guest:

Or, assign each task to a guest email after you have launched the process:

You can assign guests from the  Start Process or by editing a task later:

Only one guest email can be assigned to each task. You can assign multiple tasks to one guest email quickly using the  'Power Assign' feature.

2. This is an example of an email the guest will see: 

3. Guest will click on the email link and complete the task:

4. You will then see the guest task completed when you log in to Tallyfy:

5. Once a task is assigned to a guest, you can copy the link and then view or share it:

6. You can find tasks assigned to guests from the task view:

7. Guest Multitask View

Guest can view all their tasks in one view. For PRO plans, guest view will be displayed with your logo as a part of the 'custom branding' feature.

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