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Guest users are meant to be your transient clients, customers, or workers assigned to the occasional task in a process. You can add a guest email to a template, and also to active tasks and processes. 

Learn more about guests here.

Assigning a Process Task to a Guest

Assign a guest to a specific step within a template by going to the Assign tab.
Select 'Guest' as an assignment type for later assignments or simply enter the guest email address in the add assignees textbox. In this case, for every process, that task will be assigned to the same guest email address.

When you launch the template, a guest email will be requested for that step. 

Read this article on the Power Assign function and quickly assign each task to a guest:

Alternatively, assign each task to a guest email after you have launched the process:
Your guest will receive an assignment email as follows: 
Clicking on the email task will lead your guests to their tasks, where they can complete it. Remember, they will only be able to see the tasks assigned to them. Your internal business processes are kept safe and separate!
Once your guest completes their task, it will change to  Completed in your Tallyfy interface:
When a task is assigned to a guest, a guest link is generated. This allows you to view the link and perfect the task, or to share it with your guest if their email disappears: lost in a jam-packed inbox, relegated to the junk folder, accidentally deleted... We've all been there!
You can find all the tasks assigned to guests in the task view:
Guest Multitask View: Guests can also view their tasks in one view. 
*In PRO plans, this guest view will be displayed with your logo as a part of the Custom Branding feature.

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