TRACKER > What is a 'process'?

A process is an iteration of your template. It's like a GPS for your business tasks. Every assignee is directed to their step and once they complete it, the process will move on. 

Launching a Process

Launch a process from your Home screen via Launch Process. You can also select +Create and Process. Both options will take you to your Library view where you can find your desired template.

Select Launch Process:

Name your process. 

You'll be able to change assignees and deadlines:

Upon launching the process, you will be taken to the active process view. Every assignee will be notified of their tasks and relative deadlines!

Track your progress in the Tracker view :

Learn more about progress status and your Process view here!

If the template you just launched has hidden steps, you can choose to view hidden tasks in the active process view:

You can select Edit Task to make changes to deadlines and assignees. Please note that for hidden tasks you will not be able to open the task card to view description and form fields.

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