What is a 'process'?

A process is an instance (or a copy) of a blueprint.

How to launch a process using a blueprint

1. Go to the blueprint library and click on the 'Launch Process'. You can also launch a process by clicking '+Create' button and choosing the 'Process' option

2. Click LAUNCH PROCESS on the blueprint you want to use

3. Name the process and optionally review and edit the process before you launch it, click CONTINUE

4. Now you are in the active process view, all the tasks will be assigned to the right person when their task is up

5. You can track the progress of all of your processes in the process view

6. If the blueprint you just launched has hidden steps, you can choose to view hidden tasks in an active process view

7. For hidden tasks, you can 'Edit Task' to make changes to deadlines and assignees

For hidden tasks, you will not be able to open the task card to view description and form fields.

This animation shows someone launching a process using a Contract Approval blueprint:

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