TRACKER > How do I see all tasks in an active process?

Whether a process is long/complex (or not) - you can plan ahead and see all tasks, even the hidden ones

Sometimes depending on the design of the template (procedure), there are some rules (logic) applied to the process that show/hide some tasks. These tasks are shown and assigned as per the events that trigger these tasks.

To view all tasks in the active process, open the process from the Tracker view.

1. The status bar on the top will only show progress with regards to the active/visible tasks.

2. To view all the tasks in the process, click on the 'eye' icon.

3. Once you click the 'eye' icon, all tasks in the process will be visible. The status bar at the top will also show progress in comparison to the entire process.

Only Admin members and members having permissions to access processes will be able to view processes. Guest Tracker does not have this function and guests will only see tasks assigned to them.

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