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Create Custom View is an advanced feature that enables you to create a view that only shows those processes with the custom criteria you select. You can create unlimited custom process views.

  1. Processes assigned to a particular member(s)
  2. Processes tagged with specific tags(s)
  3. Processes launched using specific templates
  4. Processes in a specific process state, such as Completed, Archived, Not complete, Issue Unresolved, Favorite (Starred), or Delayed.
  5. You can also create multiple criteria under one view using the 'And' or 'Any' option
  6. Your custom process view is only visible to you, under the dropdown in Custom Views.

Example Walkthrough

Here is an example of how you can filter processes with a specific tag or process state. 

1. Click on Create Custom View under Custom Views in the Tracker tab.

2. Name the view with a name that helps you identify it well

3. Select 'Tags' and the choose the tag for your filter

4. You can then view processes by this tag:

5. Processes can also be filtered based on 'Process State'

6. You can use multiple criteria to create very specific custom views depending on your requirement.

For example, the custom view described below will show all processes with an 'HR' tag that are not complete.

You can also create custom views for your tasks. Read about that here!

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