PROCESS > What can I change in a process after it has started?

After a process has launched you can edit tasks and process information via the More Details drawer inside of the active process view.

You can also add (ad-hoc) tasks to processes, anytime you like!

You can edit task assignees and deadlines:

1. First, click the three dots at the top right of the task card and select Edit task:

2. Next you will see the light box appear where you can edit assignees (reassign) and edit the task's deadline.

You can edit the process name, process notes, kick-off form filed entries:

1. Click on the "Settings" button at the top right of your active process view.

2. Now you will see the Settings drawer.

3. From here you can change the process name simply by clicking on it.

4. Editing tags and process notes can also be done from the More Details drawer:

5. You can also update the process owner and also to choose to reassign tasks while updating the process owner

You can also add one-off tasks into an active process, described here

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