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When you Launch a Process, it generates an iteration of the template at that moment in time. If you change the template later, by adding or editing steps, it will not affect this process. This is because the two are now separate. Any future processes will, however, contain these changes. 

Why Won't Editing a Template Affect Active Processes? 

You don't know the new task's status. 
Imagine you are in the middle of a process with 10 steps, of which 4 have been completed. When the new 11th step is added, what is its status? It is complete? Is it to be completed? The template has no information on such status.

It is impossible to know which processes the new step is relevant to.
Let's say you have 100 processes running and you just added a step to the template they are all linked to. Do some of these processes require that step? Do others already have the steps they need? The template cannot selectively choose what to add the task to. It would just confuse your current process.

Removing steps could mean huge gaps in your Active Processes.
If you remove a step from the template, do you really want it to be deleted from all your active processes? All the form fields, comments, and details will be erased. And maybe that step was relevant then. We don't want to get rid of the important stuff!

But we have a solution! We're guessing you might want to add a step to an Active Process. You can totally do that. 

Read how here.

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