Will an existing process show newly added steps in the blueprint?

A process is an exact copy of a blueprint at the moment it was started.

If you improve a blueprint (by adding or changing steps) - it will take effect on the next process you spin up.

Editing a blueprint does not change processes that have already been started (in the past) from a blueprint.

Here's why editing a blueprint cannot affect existing processes that have already started:

  1. It is impossible to determine the state of a task when you add it. Imagine you had a process already running with 10 steps, of which 4 are marked done. If you inserted an 11th step (randomly) - what should it be marked as? Done or not done?
  2. It is impossible to know step relevance consistently. Imagine you had 100 processes running and you added a step to a blueprint they are linked to. Which of the 100 processes do we add the step to? Is it guaranteed to be the same every time?
  3. It is impossible to handle step removals. Imagine you removed a step from a blueprint, and expected it to delete the step across 100 processes (started in the past). Steps can have form fields, comments and much more. Are you going to permanently delete that step and all it's data/comments, etc. across 100 active processes?

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