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Are you looking for information regarding your blueprint? Do you want to add special notes and more complicated settings? Head to Advanced Settings for those extra details. 

*Please note Advanced Settings was formerly titled More Details

Open your blueprint in Create or Edit view, and you'll find it in the upper right-hand corner: 

What Can You Do in Advanced Settings? 

Under Summary, there is:

Created By: Member who created the blueprint.
Owner and Assignees: The organization owner is the default owner. Feel free to edit this and choose another member. All assignees are listed here as well.
Launch via Zero-Click: You can set your process to automatically launch when you visit a specified URL.

Learn how to set this up here.

Tags: Organize and sort your blueprints and processes easily!
Process Instructions: Include details that users need before beginning the process. They will only show up when a process is launched from the blueprint.

Blueprint Webhook URL: A webhook sends information in real-time to any target URL on the internet. When your chosen step completion occurs, the webhook will prompt action on your desired platform. This means seamless steps in a process no matter the platform! 

Example: You need to create an invoice in another system as soon as step 2 is complete. Webhooks send off information every time a step is done. The receiving system must "catch" the webhook we send to process it. Tools like Zapier can easily do this for you. Read more in this article!

Blueprint Alias: A blueprint alias is required if you are using webhooks. It is the reference to said blueprint. No two blueprints on Tallyfy can have the same alias. This is automatically generated for you when a step is created.

Kick-off Form Fields: Lists all form fields in the kick-off form.
Step Form Fields: Lists all form fields from the blueprint steps. 

Under Share, you'll find the blueprint's identification information. 

And in Permissions, choose who can do what. Only Admin users may change the Permissions. 

Coming soon

We're excited to announce a new feature in the works! 

Under the Activity tab, you will soon have a complete audit trail of the blueprint.

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