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Did you launch a process and realize you're missing a step? Or that this specific case requires an additional task? Don't worry, you can now include addtiional tasks to your Active Processes. Real-time additions make your business process management the easiest it has ever been.

Here's what you can add in your new task:

Task Type
Task Assignees
Task Deadline
Position of the newly-added task
Some Advanced Options:
  • All assignees must complete the task
  • Link task to process

How to Add a Task in an Active Process

There are two ways you can do this.
  1. Create a one-off task and then link it to the active process:

  2. Open your active process and click  + to Add Task. 

Add the task details.
If you followed Method 2 and created a One-Off Task, you have to identify its destination. Scroll down to Advanced settings. See Link to Process and select the active process. Sequentially, under Position, select which step the task should precede or follow. 

Click Create Task
The task will appear at the specified position

Edit this task by clicking   just like any other task in the process
To remove the new task, click ⋮ and select  Unlink from Process

Adding Multiple tasks

You can add as many steps as you would like! Just follow the instructions above.

Add-on tasks are denoted with dotted borders. It helps you identify the new tasks, and also signifies that these tasks are a part of that particular process only. They will not be added to the template unless you do so. 

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