What can I add in comments?

You can add the following in a step description or a comment

  1. Bold text
  2. Italic text
  3. Underline text
  4. Justify/Align text
  5. Ordered list
  6. Unordered list
  7. Insert image (10MB limit) (including GIFs)
  8. Upload file (10MB limit). We accept xlsx, xls, pptx, docx, ppt, doc, rtf, pdf, txt, mpga, wav, mov, mp4, jpg, gif, png, ai, psd, hdpkg, zip,anx, xml, jpeg
  9. Insert video. At this moment we support the following video providers: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yahoo and Vidyard. You can also upload a mp4, mov, webm video file  upto 100 MB)
  10. Insert link (hyperlink)
  11. Embed over 400 types of video, audio, photos, products (See full list here)
  12. Insert a snippet of code 
  13. Insert table

Blueprint Step Descriptions

Task comments

Add links, videos, images and files to any step description or comment:

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