What is 'issue reporting'?

'Issue reporting' is a feature that enables a coworker to escalate a task due to a problem. It also blocks it from being completed until the issue is resolved.

This feature is available on the BASIC and PRO plan.

How it works

Open the task and make a comment, then select 'Report issue':

He comments on the task and checks the "Report issue" box:

Reporting the comment as an issue will send everyone in the process an email about it and turn the task red:

He can see the issue he just reported:

The collapsed task is also highlighted red:

The progress bar also turns red, indicating there is a task with an issue here:

This is what the email notification looks like:

A coworker can then resolve the issue and the red on the task and progress bar goes away:

He can open the card and resolve his own issue:

Coworkers would be able to search and identify processes with unresolved issues via the Process Tracker view:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Tallyfy Support team if you have any questions, to share any feedback or request a feature. We would love to hear from you

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