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Deadlines mark the due-date of a process or task. We all have memories of scrambling to meet a deadline or multiple deadlines to juggle. But deadlines are not like that at Tallyfy! 

They're here to keep processes running smoothly. Each step can have a deadline which is relative to the start of the process, or to another step. These deadlines show up to the person assigned to the task. This means that no one has to keep track of multiple deadlines. Instead, each person knows what they need to do and by when. 

Everything is simple and straightforward. When every little part is laid out, you can sit back and relax. No more memorizing all those deadlines!

There are a few types of deadlines. Click here to learn more!

Setting Template Step Deadlines

These deadlines are per task. The assignee receives their step and the deadline to complete it by. This deadline is a relative deadline, meaning that it will be set in relation to the process start-date or the completion/deadline of another step. 

Process Deadline Status

On time: Your process is right on track! No tasks are due soon or overdue.

Due soon: The dates are getting close. One or more tasks are due in the next 24 hours. 

Overdue: Oops! Someone missed a deadline. As soon as a step goes over by 1 second, it'll be overdue. 

* Whenever an issue is reported, the progress bar will turn red!

Learn more about issue-reporting here.

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