DEADLINE > How do I set a task deadline to be dependent on another step?

Deadlines are the easiest way to keep everyone on track! Using these, you'll be able to get the most out of process tracking. When your team misses or gets close to a deadline, you'll see your process color-coded to match its status.

Do you know all the types of deadlines you can use on Tallyfy? If not, be sure to read this.

Step-Dependent Deadlines

You can make deadlines that depend on other steps! This means that your step's due date will be based on the completion of another step.  

Open your desired template or active process.  Please note that editing deadlines of active process tasks will deactivate step relative deadline rules. 
Click on the specific task.
Open the Deadline tab. Select the relative time:  days/minutes/hours/weeks/month. And if this due date is  after/before the completion of your chosen step. Below, you'll see a deadline set to 1 day  after Step 1's completion. When the assignee completes Step 1, Step 2 will be prompted to complete in 1 day. 

Please note:
While editing step dependent deadlines in the "Review & Edit" view before launching a process, the updated deadlines will only show once the process has been launched and the source task has been completed.
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