TOOLS > What is 'More details' in the active process' view'?

When you open an active process, you'll see the ⋮ More Details button in the upper right-hand corner. Click on it and you'll have access to more details (duh!). 

Here, you can edit the information and notes regarding your process... those details we keep mentioning! We'll go through each field together. 

⋮ More Details

So what can you do?

Rename the process. That's right, you can change the name in the middle of a process!
See and update the process information. We're talking start date, owner, assignees, and more!
Update tags. These help you organize and refine your process categories.
See and update your process notes. We get it, things change! Add important updates to your notes and keep everyone in the loop.

View the Template  Description and Process Instructions
See all the kick-off form fields and download them. All your information in one place. Easily accessible. No more searching for that pesky evasive file.
Archive that process to make it go away. Get that client back or need to re-open a project? You'll be able to unarchive it.
Export a CSV of the process. We know there are some of you who just love CSV files. So we created this function for you 😊
Permanently Delete Process. Never going to need it again? Delete it!
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