TRACKER > What can I do on the Tallyfy sidebar?

  1. Create - Quickly create a one-off task, launch a process, create a new template or invite a new member
  2. Home - Access options to create, track, launch or view templates, tasks, or processes.
  3. Tasks - Navigate easily to your tasks list, where you can see your assigned tasks and other members and guests assigned tasks
  4. Tracker - Navigate to the Process Tracker to see the status of all processes at a high-level view or click into an individual process to see tasks. Click on each one to see what is going on with each process
  5. Library - Navigate to library to find, read, edit and launch sample and your custom templates and create new templates
  6. People - Navigate to Member and Guest lists for your organization
  7. Invite - Invite a new member to the organization
  8. Help - Access Tallyfy's complimentary user guide full of hundreds of articles and videos on features and FAQs
  9. Settings - Access and manage your profile, organization, billing, integration and more settings

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