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Tallyfy uses two separate concepts to handle translation.

  • App Language - our actual product and user-interface in a different language
  • Content Language - your content being translated in real-time via Azure Cognitive Services. You need to provision and apply your own key to make content language translation work within Tallyfy.

App Language

Each member or guest in Tallyfy can set their own UI language preference from the following options:

  1. English (Code EN)
  2. Spanish (Code ES)
  3. Dutch (Code NL) 
  4. Portuguese Portuguese (Code PT) 
  5. Brazilian Portuguese 
  6. Vietnamese (Code VI) 
  7. Mandarin (Simplified) Chinese Code ZH
  8. Japanese (Code JP) 
  9. German (Code DR)
  10. French (Code FR)

If you would like to see Tallyfy in other languages on the UI, please contact us. Remember that this does not translate your actual content (procedures, playbooks, etc.) - but just product UI itself. This toggle for language choice is available in Settings

Content Language

Content language applies real-time translation from any language (which is auto-detected) to any other target language - which you can set as an individual preference - for both members and guests. To make this sophisticated level of translation work in real-time - we use Azure Cognitive Services Text Translation service. Every preference for both app and content language is specific to every member or guest (people choose their own languages) and it's done from the "globe" on the top navigation menu. A green globe signifies that Azure Cognitive is connected and able to run real-time content translation:

You need to have your own Azure account and do some provisioning to configure the API just once with your key, and then it will be available and active for all members and guests in your organization. This is where you find the values you need in Azure after provisioning text translation. Note that we are using text-translation - not document-translation.

The "Language" menu item on the top navigation menu controls the language 

Please note - support and help documentation is currently available in English only.

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