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The Tallyfy user interface is currently available in these languages:

  1. English (Code EN)
  2. Spanish (Code ES)
  3. Dutch (Code NL) 
  4. Portuguese Portuguese (Code PT) 
  5. Brazilian Portuguese 
  6. Vietnamese (Code VI) 
  7. Mandarin (Simplified) Chinese Code ZH
  8. Japanese (Code JP) 
  9. German (Code DR)
  10. French (Code FR)

If you would like to see Tallyfy in other languages, please contact us.

How can I see my Tallyfy in a specific language?

You can use your browser language to determine the language of our user interface.

To access Tallyfy using any of the above language - please set your browser language to one of the languages above - and Tallyfy will auto-detect it and serve up the user interface in the language.

Chrome (recommended):



To change languages in Safari, you have to change the languages of you whole operating system. Here is how to change the language on your operating system.

Microsoft Edge:

Please note - support and help documentation is currently available in English only.

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