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You can brand your logo and colors in-app and on emails

1. Show a custom logo in the task view and emails 

2. Show custom colors in all member task views and emails

3. Show custom logo and colors in guest view (coming soon)

Go to Settings > Organization > Custom Branding to change your logo and colors:

This is what a fully branded task and process view looks like:

This is what a fully branded email looks like:

Branding - Full White Labelling

Tallyfy can never provide full white-labeling for these reasons - some of which are outside our control:

  1. All our security processes are tied to optimization for a host domain - If numerous other domains existed e.g. - we would be unable to apply our caching, optimization, security checks, and so on.
  2. All our emails and integrations check against a domain for phishing and security purposes. Third-party reference integrations know that the callback URL of record is When we emit a webhook, the source of the hook and the callback address (if it exists) has to be known and centralized. 
  3. Many native plugins and email-focused features - including actionable email markup features by Google (for Gmail), by Microsoft (for Outlook 365), by Slack (for our Slack plugin), etc. - are tied to a single, approved domain - which requires specific certification by Google, Microsoft and Slack respectively. They would not work outside those domains.
  4. When a customer using (inevitably) needs to look at our manual to see how an advanced feature works - they come to our support pages i.e. on the domain (where you are reading this page right now). We cannot surface the manual in other domains making it impossible to "hide" the manual's branding.
  5. All our tutorials and videos often have Tallyfy branding. Remaking all images and videos numerous times for white labeling numerous domains e.g. would be impossible/very difficult.
  6. When a customer/user of Tallyfy needs help or technical support - our help desk answers the ticket. It will be clear and obvious that they are dealing with Tallyfy, not with - since support over email comes from our domain.

Note that Tallyfy has a proper partner program for Tallyfy Ambassadors - which caters specifically to people looking to package and re-sell Tallyfy to their clients, sometimes with complimentary services. Please contact us to learn more or see this link:

More branding - what we plan in future

We currently plan to design and build a feature which uses your own SMTP gateway to send an email. In other words, email sends from your actual email account, not from Tallyfy. This is a forward-looking feature with no current roadmap date. Please write to us - to let us know if you're interested in this feature.

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