FORM > How can I create a table form field and reference it in other tasks?

Tables are a type of form field which gathers information about processes and tasks. They can be created in both - a template step, and a one-off task - let's see how!

  In a template step:

To create a table, go to the template editor and click on the task. Under the Form Fields option click on " + Add another form field ", and select " Table " from the dropdown list.

You can add as many columns as you require using the "Add New Column" option:

   In a one-off task:

When creating a new one-off task, click on 'Forms'. Then select the 'Table' option from the Select Form Field drop-down list.

How to insert the table as a variable in a subsequent step of the template

Select the task and click on the Insert Variables option " { } " on the top right of the description box. 

Select the table created from the dropdown list. It will appear in the description box as shown below:

How to enter information in a table form field in an active task

Once the process is launched the assignee can add information to the table form field, and use the "Add Row" to add as many rows as required: 

How to apply rules to the table form fields

You can also apply the "if....then...." rules to the table form fields. Simply go to the task that depends on said table and add the rules from the rules tab:

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