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Members in Tallyfy can have one of these roles: 

  • Admin members - have no restrictions and can edit, see and do everything in Tallyfy
  • Standard members - can have some restrictions

This article walks you through the features and attributes of a standard member.

To view all standard members in your organization, access the 'Members' page from 'Settings'

By default, all blueprints and processes are accessible by everyone (Admins and Standard members). Hence, a standard member:

- Can create, edit, read blueprints (if permitted)

- Can launch, access and edit processes (if permitted)

- Can invite members (only other standard  members)

- Can access Organization details such as members, guests, tags, custom branding and snippets

- Can view other members' tasks and email logs

- Can create folders and import blueprints


- Can update custom branding settings and logo

A Standard member cannot perform the following actions:

- Set blueprint and process access permissions

- Access organization and member profiles 

- View plan and billing information

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