How does importing blueprints work?

Tallyfy enables its users to import a blueprint from another organization.

To request or import a blueprint from another organization, you would need the following information:

Please note:

  • The imported blueprint steps have the Assign tab in the step setting cleared and tasks are defaulted to Process Starter.
  • Tags, step webhooks, and blueprint webhooks will not be copied over from the original blueprint.

This article walks you through the steps to import a blueprint:

1. Click '+ Import Blueprint' in your Library view

2. Enter the organization ID and blueprint ID and click 'Import'

3. Once the blueprint has been successfully imported, it will show up in your library. It will have 'IMPORT' prefixed to the original blueprint name

If you enter an incorrect organization ID/blueprint ID or an ID of a blueprint that has been archived, you will not be able to successfully complete the import action.

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