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Trying to import a template from one organization to another? Maybe you have two separate businesses and have a similar process to map out. Or maybe another organization you know has shared its handy template with you! At Tallyfy, we're proud to handle template imports seamlessly.

Before you get started, make sure you have the information below ready. Both IDs should be of the template you are importing. 

Source Organization ID

Template ID

Find them by following these instructions.

Now, let's get started!

Click 'Settings' to access 'Integrations' > 'Import and Export'

Enter the Organization ID and Template  ID. Take care to enter them correctly or you will be directed to an error page.

And that's it! Your desired template will be imported into your library. You can find it under the title IMPORT - [TEMPLATE NAME].

Please note: When you import a template, each step will be cleared of Assignees and set to default tasks. Tags, step webhooks, and template webhooks will not transfer either. 

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