ACCOUNT > Where can I find the organization ID, template ID, and process ID?

The Organization, Template, and Process IDs provide unique identification numbers for every organization, template, and process you use. You might need them when contacting our support team or when your partner business wants to import a template. 

Luckily, they are easy to find in the URLs of every page. We've numbered them in the visual below to help you find them!


Organization ID

Your Organization ID is visible immediately from log-in. You'll see it as that first grouping of numbers and letters following From opening templates to tasks, the Organization ID will always appear first in the URL. 


Template ID

The Template ID follows the Organization ID in position 2. You'll find it when you open the associated template after It is unique to every template.


Process ID

Like the Template ID, the Process ID follows the Organization ID. After, the ID will show when the associated process is opened or launched. This ID is unique to every single process you launch!

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