BLUEPRINT > How can I automatically launch another process after a task is completed in Tallyfy?

Tallyfy gives you all the power to automate your complex workflows and make it simpler for you!

If you've completed a task that indicates that a separate process should start, you're in the right place!

1. Select the step from the blueprint whose completion should trigger the launch of a new process

2. Click "Advanced" to access the "launch another process when this task is complete" feature. Switch the toggle on this feature to ON.

3. Select a blueprint from the dropdown list to launch an automated process.

Please note that archived blueprints won't show in the dropdown list. Also, blueprints with required kick-off form fields will not launch through this feature.

4. You can choose to customize the process name by using insert variables. 

If you do not choose to create a naming convention, default process name in the format "Month day - hh:mm - Blueprint Name" will be assigned to the automatically launched process.

5. Now, every time this task is completed, a process 'employee name' - Client Education Session will be launched.

To view the above feature in action, please watch the video below:

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