TOOLS > How do I search for blueprints, processes and tasks?

The 'Universal Search' function in Tallyfy allows you to search for blueprints, processes, tasks, and other related details.

The universal search function can search for the following attributes:

Blueprint name and steps:

  1. Blueprint tags
  2. Blueprint name (title)
  3. Blueprint description
  4. Blueprint step name
  5. Blueprint step descriptions (details tab)

Processes/Process tasks:

  1. Process tags
  2. Process name (title)
  3. Process notes
  4. Process task name
  5. Process task description
  6. Process task comments

One-off tasks:

  1. One-off task name (title)
  2. One-off task comments

You can also view the search results in a new tab/window and share search result link with other members in the organization.

If your blueprints are in multiple folders, the search bar will also show the file path to where the blueprint is stored, saving you time navigating!

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