What is a Document?

Tallyfy allows you to create different types of blueprints, namely:

- Procedure: uses default tag of #procedure

- Forms: uses default tag of #form

- Document: uses default tag of #document

This article walks you through the steps of creating a document. Tallyfy Documents help you capture all your know-hows, playbooks, information about your processes and procedures.

Let's look at an example of creating a sample know-how document.

How to create and update our company's FAQs page?

1. Select the option to Create a Document through 'Home' or 'Library' in the sidebar

2. Give your document a unique name and click 'Create Document'

3. The document editor opens into a big sized text editor field to help you capture the information. You can copy paste from another source like a webpage, word file or a pdf.

You also have the option to format your data and add files and videos. You can insert and embed code, table, URL

4. Once you have entered all the information, click 'Save'

5. You and your team can now access this document which resides in the 'Library'

6. You can simply view this document by choosing the 'View' option

7. You can also choose to print this as a pdf and save for later reference

Here is the pdf file for the above example:

Sample Document - How to create a FAQs page

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our DOCS plan or #document type of blueprint, please write to us at support@tallyfy.com
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