DOCUMENT > What is a Document? How do I create a document?

Documents are a great way to capture all your know-hows, playbooks, and information about your procedures. Let's make a document together. You'll learn-by-doing what it is capable of!

Making a Know-How Document

Our Document:  How to create and update our company's FAQs page?

Create a Document. You can do so through the +Create button on the taskbar, or by selecting  Create a Document in the Library.
Name your document: How to create and update our company's FAQs page?
In the text editor that opens, insert your information. You can copy and paste from another source, such as a webpage, word file, or PDF. Apply formatting to your data. Add files and videos. Insert and embed code, tables, and URLs!
Don't forget to click Save when you are done!
You can also share this document with your team members.
Your document will be accessible to anyone in your team via the Library. View it using the VIEW option. EDIT it to add more details.

Print, set document permissions, duplicate, or archive the template from Config.
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