TRACKER > How can I view my process dashboard in a table format?

You can view your Tracker (process dashboard) in two formats:

- Grid

- Table

So how do you toggle between the two formats? 

Go to your Tracker view via the sidebar. This is the default Grid view: 
Select Table or Grid.
The Table view organizes the blueprints as categories. All the active processes for those blueprints will have their own row.
Customize your columns (which are the process details) for each blueprint. You can view:
  • Name
  • Progress
  • Status
  • Due
  • Started By
  • Process Owner
  • Starred
  • Start Date
  • Last Updated
  • Assigned
  • Next Step
  • Next Step Assignee
  • Next Step Issue
  • Current Step
  • Last Completed Step

Customize by selecting the pencil icon next to the first column:

*Coming soon: Edit/Complete a task directly in table view!
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