TRACKER > How can I view my process dashboard in a table format?

You can view your Tracker (process dashboard) in two formats:

- Grid

- Table

So how do you toggle between the two formats? 

Go to your Tracker view via the sidebar. This is the default Grid view: 
Select Table or Grid.
The Table view organizes the blueprints as categories. All the active processes for those blueprints will have their own row.
To view processes for a particular blueprint, please select the desired blueprint from the dropdown list.
Customize your columns (which are the process details) for each blueprint. You can view:
  • Name
  • Progress
  • Status
  • Due
  • Started By
  • Process Owner
  • Starred
  • Start Date
  • Last Updated
  • Assigned
  • Next Step
  • Next Step Assignee
  • Next Step Issue
  • Current Step
  • Last Completed Step

Customize by selecting the pencil icon next to the first column:

*Coming soon: Edit/Complete a task directly in table view!
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