How can I view my process dashboard in a table format?

Your process dashboard is available to you in two formats - 'Grid' and 'Table'.

This article walks you through viewing and analyzing your process dashboard in a table format.

1. In the sidebar, select 'Processes' tab

2. Select 'Table'. In this format, you will be able to view all active processes for different blueprints. The view is organized by blueprints as category and all active processes for that blueprint as rows.

3. You can customize your columns (process details) for each blueprint (category). The following list of attributes are available for customization:

  • Name
  • Progress
  • Status
  • Due
  • Started By
  • Process Owner
  • Starred
  • Start Date
  • Last Updated
  • Assigned
  • Next Step
  • Next Step Assignee
  • Next Step Issue
  • Current Step
  • Last Completed Step

*Coming soon: Edit/Complete task in place from table view

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