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Here's how Tallyfy Analytics works to give you almost real-time streaming data that you can slice, dice and present in any way you like within your favorite BI or analytics platform.

  1. An eligible event is generated on our API. For example - someone marked a task complete.
  2. We generate a CSV dump of the latest version of the updated process object.
  3. We convert the CSV file into Apache Parquet format.
  4. We ship that parquet file to Amazon S3 - over-writing any existing file with the same process ID. The file is stored in a private folder for your organization, which means you can access it as well, if you wish. Organization data is kept in separate S3 folders which are inaccessible between organizations.
  5. You use our Amazon Athena instance (with IAM credentials we provide) to connect your BI tool to Athena, in order to run any SQL you like. Most modern BI tools - such as Tableau, PowerBI, etc. have connectors for Amazon Athena. 

As far as you are concerned - you simply need to connect your BI tool to Amazon Athena and create SQL queries that can suitably query our schema. Note that we also provide a sample Tableau workbook so you don't have to start from scratch.

A visual depiction of the architecture above is shown below.

Note that analytics may only start being saved when your organization chooses to activate this feature. Older data may not be available.

All the above happens in "semi-real-time" - so as soon as you have done an action, it gets to S3 and then your BI pretty quickly.

We are open to shipping your data in other custom formats to other custom targets - so please contact us with your needs.

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