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You might be wondering what kinds of data visualizations you can create with the open data streams from Tallyfy. 

Here are samples in Tableau along with some of the questions they might help you answer. If you want to use any of them, you can download our Tableau workbook file at the bottom of this page, and then make any edits you want. 

1. Task Lateness

You can use this viz to track whether tasks are being completed on-time or late. You might find out that everything is happening on schedule, or you might choose to reconsider how due dates are determined.

2. Task Lateness by User

With this viz, take a deeper dive by comparing the performances of individual users. Is there one user who always completes tasks late? Maybe some are doing great and finishing everything early.

3. Lateness Time Trend

This visualization helps us track how our timeliness has changed over time. We will be able to identify if there were a few days when things slowed down.

4. Processes per User

 We can track how many processes are owned by each user, to see if someone is going above and beyond. 

5. Tasks Completed by User

We can also track how many tasks are completed by each user instead of processes.

6. Task Lateness by Task

We can also look at which tasks are completed on time or late. Perhaps there is one task in a process that is always slowing everything else down.

7. Launches per Blueprint

How many process launches come from each of your blueprints? Are there some blueprints that are rarely or never used?

8. Tasks Completed by Day

How many tasks are completed each day in your organization? Is the work flowing steadily, or are there some days when a lot gets done and others with not so much?

9. Comments per Task

Which steps in your processes get the most comments? If there are a few steps that don’t run so smoothly, maybe it’s time to tweak something.

10. Issues per Task

Which steps in your process have issues reported most frequently? This might be a sign that your process should be revised.

11.  More

These are just a few ideas of what you can learn from your Tallyfy data. Of course, you can do more - whatever is beneficial to you. That is why we give you complete direct access to your data.

 To Download the Tableau workbook file that we used to create these visualizations, click here. Just choose Edit Connection to connect to your data, and you'll be started in no time.

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