The Tallyfy Action Plan

Fear not - we all get a little fazed by new products and tools! 

Get started really easily with the Tallyfy Action Plan. 

You'll be on your way to automating your process in no time:


1. Sign up. You already did this!

2. Create a blueprint for the process you want to automate

A blueprint is like a "recipe" for how you do a process  every time. How can you get yourself a blueprint? Here's 4 ways:

3. Launch your first process

This lets you see exactly what a process  actually looks like, when you launch it using a blueprint.

Do this inside Tallyfy!

4. Invite your coworkers as members

Invite them because you need to assign them to their own steps in your blueprint. Your automation will be hugely successful if your entire team uses Tallyfy.

Do this inside Tallyfy!

5.  Tune your blueprint with powerful extras

Discover the power of features like conditional branching, integrations, relative deadlines and more!

Do this inside Tallyfy!

Your team is now ready to enjoy the permanent bliss of process automation!
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