Getting Started with Tallyfy

 Welcome to Tallyfy

We're excited to have you here with us! Starting something new can be daunting, but we're confident this guide will get you right on track. Tallyfy is the software anyone can learn in just 2 minutes! You'll see. 

We'll give you an introduction to the basics, and also link you to some helpful tips.

Our co-CEO - Pravina, made this video introduction to Tallyfy:

If you're looking for some product guidance, our CEO, Amit, has put together this video just for you! He'll introduce blueprints and the many features that make Tallyfy your workflow powerhouse.

If you've watched the video (and we highly recommend it!), you've learned that there are three main steps to Tallyfy. 

Create a blueprint
Launch a process
Track its progress

Blueprint. Process. Progress. It's that simple. 

You can follow these steps to run practically anything in your business. 

And you'll never have to set-up the same process over and over again.

What is a blueprint?

The foundation of Tallyfy is the blueprint. It is the "process definition" you create to launch processes, tasks, and forms. It's like your recipe-maker. 

If you are on Docs, your plan allows you to create read-only blueprints. These list out the steps with assignees for a process. You can print these and share them manually. On the Pro plan, you can elevate these blueprints into automated, launchable processes. Our system takes care of notifications, assignments, and progress-tracking so that you never have to manage every little detail again!

Blueprints are great for your repeatable processes. Think customer onboarding, HR requests, and campaign approvals. 

Take a look at the screenshot above. You'll see the blueprint title highlighted, Customer Onboarding. You can add a 'Description' or 'Kick-off Form' to spearhead your process. Add steps which can be assigned to specific employees and even clients. Deadlines and rules make your instructions even smarter. 

To learn more about how to create blueprints - how to use AI to auto-generate a blueprint (an SOP), create a document and so on - please visit this article:

What is a process?

When you launch a blueprint, that's a process. It's an instance.

It's a unique iteration designed specifically for the associated client, employee, or campaign. Each step is assigned to the designated employee or client, and notifications and tasks are sent out seamlessly. Everyone can see how it is progressing, and every piece of information is in one place. You can fill out forms directly into the process, add files, and even tailor steps based on the information you add in real-time. 

Let's say you are performing Customer Onboarding for your client, Marvel Inc. You'll name the process after your client, and it'll launch as below. 

You can see its progress in the colored bar right under the title. Tasks are crossed out as they are completed and every assignee is located on the right-hand side.

You can launch processes in many ways - which are called "triggers". Here is a list of all the possible triggers. 

What is a task?

Tasks are the steps within a process or blueprint. At Tallyfy, tasks are capable of anything. You can incorporate forms, files, assignees (inside and outside your company), comments (chat) and much more.

      What is a one-off task?

      One-off tasks are independent steps. You might want to use them for specific tasks your business needs to complete. From ordering new office supplies to attending a workplace seminar, you'll want to list that here!

Ready to move on to some helpful tips? Find them here.

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