Blueprint vs. Process vs. One-off tasks

To see the magic of Tallyfy, you only need to do 3 things:

  1. Create your blueprint
  2. Start processes (using your blueprint) 
  3. Track the progress of the process

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What is a blueprint?

The first step in using Tallyfy is creating a blueprint. A blueprint is a template for a repeatable process. It's like a recipe - it's created once, and then it's repeatable to actually "start doing" work. A blueprint should have all the steps you want future processes to follow.

Repeatable processes can be found all over your business. An example of a blueprintis   New client onboarding, more are listed below.

You will find some sample blueprints in your Tallyfy Library: 

Each blueprint defines the steps with details on how you want the task to be done:

What is a process?

A process is an instance of a blueprint. When you start a process, Tallyfy follows the instructions on the blueprint and kicks off a unique process. Each step is assigned as a task. Here's some examples of processes which are kicked off from specific blueprints.

  1. Blueprint is New client onboarding  and a Process name would be Lisa McDonald at Acme Inc.
  2. Blueprint is New employee onboarding and a Process name would be Matt Smith in IT

Every time you want to start a process, use a blueprint - which gives you all the steps to kick things off.

You can then track the process of each process in the Process Tracker:

This is what the progress bar colors indicate:

What is a process task?

Every process has tasks. Each task can contain:

  • Task title
  • Task description
  • Who can do it
  • When it should be done by
  • The information you want to collect (in form fields)
  • Comments, issues, and discussion.

    More about tasks can be found here -  Process & Tasks.

What is a one-off task?

A one-off task is independent of any process. Some examples of one-off tasks you can assign to yourself or others:

  1. Order new print cartridges.
  2. Confirm caterer choices for annual employee lunch.
  3. ... and any other one-off to-do item!
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