ACCOUNT > How do I connect my Tallyfy account to Zapier?

You can now connect Zapier to your Tallyfy account using just your username (email) and password. We use an authorization flow called OAuth 2.0 - which is an industry-standard protocol for authorization. 

When you first try and create a zap involving Tallyfy - there will be no connected accounts on Zapier. It may look similar to this:

Below is a walk-through of how to connect your Tallyfy account in Zapier:

1. Go to your settings in Tallyfy:

 2. Go to the ORGANIZATION tab and copy your Organization ID:

3. Go to Zapier, then your Connected Accounts and select your Tallyfy account

4. Enter your organization ID where prompted. 

5. And then your email and password

... which results in this type of authorization request:

... and ultimately, your account will be confirmed as connected on Zapier - similar to this:

Note - from "Connected Accounts" in Zapier - you can test your connection (anytime) to make sure everything is fine: 

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