How can I use Tallyfy with Zapier?

Tallyfy is about human tasks. Zapier is about fully automated tasks.

Almost all business processes involve people and human-powered approvals and can never be fully automated - Tallyfy handles that perfectly. Every now and then, you need to integrate between apps (from one app to another). Zapier handles that part, and makes it easy for you to integrate thousands of apps together without being an engineer and without writing code.

Here are some ways in which you could use Zapier with Tallyfy:

  • Every time you win a client in your CRM - kick off your client onboarding process on Tallyfy to make a great first impression.
  • Every hour, every day or every week - kick off a process on Tallyfy. Yes - recurring processes are here!
  • Every time you send an email to a special address - create a one-off task in Tallyfy.
  • Every time you use a #hashtag on Slack - create a one-off task in Tallyfy.
  • Every time a web form is filled out - pass the values through to Tallyfy and track the entire process between lots of people, right to the end.

Check out our other support pages for information on using Tallyfy with Zapier:

Some zap templates are shown below, ready to use:

For custom integrations, you can also use our API and webhooks.

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