REST API > How do I access Tallyfy's open REST API?

We have an open REST API you can explore and integrate with at

API information is available - including your token, inside Tallyfy itself within Settings > Integrations.

If you're on the PRO plan, you'll need your access_token to use our APIs.

There are two ways of obtaining the  access_token, depending on the use-case:

  1. Ordinary API usage as a specific member > From inside Tallyfy:

    After logging in, navigate to  Settings > Integrations > REST API >  View Your API Access Token to get the access_token.

  2. Client Apps or Dedicated Integrations > Use Client ID and  Client Secret details supplied by us. For most use cases, a dedicated client ID is not necessary unless you are literally building an entire, independent client that's consuming our API.

    Please contact the Tallyfy Support team to get the Client ID and Client Secret. You'll need to provide the following details to us:
    • Company name and website
    • Tallyfy organization ID
    • Your full name and role at the company
    • Official work email address (not a personal gmail/outlook email address)
    • Your telephone number (so we can contact you if we have any critical updates about the API)

    After the above details are verified by us, we will send  Client ID and  Client Secret to the official work email address provided. 

    Once you have the Client ID and Client Secret details with you, you can obtain the access_token by making a call to /oauth/token with your Client ID, Client Secret, Grant type, Required Scopes, Username, and Password. You'll receive access_token and refresh_token in the response - which you'll need to copy / save for future use.

    You can try out our API interactively here but we strongly recommend you use a proper REST API client like Postman, etc. The video below demonstrates how to obtain the  access_token using Client ID and Client Secret

Getting a newer `access_token` using the `refresh_token`

You can request for a newer  access_token using the refresh_token (received in the response in the section above) by calling /oauth/token with your Client IDClient SecretGrant type (set to `refresh_token`), and Refresh token values:

You'll receive a newer access_token in the response. The earlier issued refresh_token too is revoked and a newer one is issued:

Once you have the  access_token - this video demonstrates how to use it to make API calls:

A note about date formatting in our API

The Tallyfy API receives this date and timestamp format on requests:


In terms of responses, the API responds with this date and timestamp format:


Please note - You can emit step-level or process-level webhooks from Tallyfy without having to use the API.

Our API is published via the Swagger format for standardized consumption by service discovery agents.

If you would like help with integrations and setting up advanced features, please contact Tallyfy Support to learn more about additional services.

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