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Members are users who work for your company. When you invite them, they gain access to your organization and can create and edit templates.

Members can also invite other members into the organization. By default, only 'Admin' members can invite other members. To allow 'non-admin' members to invite other members, set the toggle to 'ON'. You can find this setting at Settings > Organization > Details

Don't know anything about users whether they be members or guests? Or what either can really do? Learn about that here first.

How to Invite a Member

Select Invite+ in the sidebar.
Or in the drop-down menu next to your name in the upper right-hand corner.
Or in the sidebar  Settings and then + Invite a New Member. 
Or even from +Create in the sidebar and then Member!
Enter the member's information. Choose whether they should have an Admin or Standard role.

How to Activate Your Tallyfy Member Invitation

If you're the invited member, you'll receive an email like this. Click on Join Now:
You'll be required to set a password:
Under the Settings >  Organization > Members, the invited member should appear as an Active member:
And that's it!
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