What can I set in a blueprint?

Steps in a blueprint are actions which describe what needs to be done, how, when and by who, using the following step settings.

1. First open the step by clicking on it:

This step has been opened:

Then click on each of the settings to set them:

  • Step > Details: A user can add a description or instructions of the particular step and its purpose under 'Details'.
  • Step > Forms: Forms enable you to collect information from the user completing the task.
  • Step > Assign: The ability to assign specific users to complete the task.
  • Step > Deadlines (Step relative deadlines in paid plans only): The ability to set due dates for steps.
  • Step > Rules (Paid plans only): The ability to hide and show tasks based on triggers such as the completion of a task and data collected in a form field.
  • Step > Advanced (Paid plans only): The ability to set more refined settings for the task such as; "Task is mandatory at start of process", "This task can only be completed by assigned user(s)", and "Send a webhook" to another system.

All these actions are present when creating or editing a blueprint:

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