How to discover and emulate API calls quickly and easily

Looking through our open API docs is useful here:

However - it's not always that easy. You often want to do something via the API - but you don't have a sample call, with sample endpoints and so on.

The answer is super-easy - since our client UI actually consumes our own API - you can "sniff" or emulateclient calls to see how the call was made using the developer tools in Chrome - and get a clear idea of what call was made, how, with what params and what the output was.

Please watch the video below - which shows you how to "sniff" API calls for something we're doing on the client-side:

Common Issues

Use the raw source

When you are copying and pasting a payload from Chrome - copy the raw source, not the parsed version of the payload.

The right way to copy a request payload is to click on the "view source" tab, and copy the raw / source body. This would be in the correct JSON format.

Send in JSON - not text

Here's "Text" is selected, which is incorrect

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