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Tallyfy lets you set your own SMTP server as a central account to send all emails. This is a substitute for our own email server sending emails.

The benefits of custom SMTP are:

  • All email sends via your own servers. This minimizes the chance of emails being blocked, or being seen as phishing emails by receivers.
  • It gives you a log of sent items on your end - assuming you log SMTP usage on your servers.
  • It uses/applies everything you've already set up and configured on your own SMTP servers.

Just to clarify - we don't offer the ability to send emails from individual accounts yet - for example - but instead - you need to create or use a single, central account like say - - and all emails will be sent via that SMTP server and email address.

People often wonder - how do I test my SMTP settings and ensure they are correct and working? Note that we are not responsible for these external sites, but they are just pointers and tools we found, to help you can test your SMTP and ensure it works before entering your settings into Tallyfy.

Here's some ways to test your SMTP connection, generally.

Microsoft Outbound SMTP testing


Wormly - test SMTP server


MXToolbox - super tool and diagnostics

A bit more comprehensive on the networking and DNS side of the equation, and in this screenshot - you see being tested. Visit with diagnostics at

GMass - test your real credentials

This one initially looked a bit dangerous - since it actually asks for your real username/password. Use at your own risk!

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