What is 'More details' in a Blueprint?

The 'More Details' drawer lets you control settings for the entire blueprint.

To access blueprint settings select "More Details" in the upper-right corner of the "Create New Blueprint" page:

So, what can you set and control?


Add tags to find your BPs and processes easily

Blueprint Description

The blueprint description describes when the blueprint should be used and can be seen in the blueprint library.

Process Instructions

Process instructions can be instructions that the user needs to know before they start the process. Process instructions appear when a process is started.

Kick-off Forms

Create forms that you want completed before the process starts.

Blueprint Webhook

A webhook sends a packet of information in real-time to any target URL on the internet. It lets you pass on process information from Tallyfy so that you can take actions in another system. For example - if you need to raise an invoice in another system as soon as this step is complete, set a webhook URL and setup what happens when you "catch" the webhook at that URL in order to create your invoice. Webhooks fire as events, every time a step is done. The receiving system must "catch" the webhook we send to process it. Tools like Zapier can easily do this for you.

Blueprint Alias

A blueprint alias is required if you are using webhooks. An alias lets you refer to this blueprint in a unique way. No two blueprints on Tallyfy can have the same alias. Alias is automatically populated when a step is created.



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